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Our Passion is to share the love of the Arabian horse


Connecting people to Arabians

DAHA was founded in 1969 by about six couples, not rebels or mavericks, just simply members of an existing club (the Arabian Horse Association of Northern California) who recognized that the quality of the local horse and member population could support an affiliate club and whose goal was to promote the Arabian horse, not only as the premier show and performance horse, but more importantly, as a horse that the entire family can enjoy and cherish.  Below is the history of DAHA, originally published in 1992 as a booklet for you to enjoy. Currently, the club has evolved to a 501.c5 and our primary goal is outreach for the Arabian breed. The club offers two class A shows annually that are fun and family friendly making them widely popular in our local community.

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Growing the Arabian Horse Community


Spring DAHA Show
May 10th-12th, 2024

Fall Daha Show
Sept 27-29th, 2024

High Point Program

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